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I’m a motivational Speaker, relationship and business coach who was personally trained by Les Brown and Jon Talarico. I possess a wealth of knowledge in the automotive industry and have worked for many dealerships including Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, and Jeep. I love to work with people who are creative, outgoing, open to new ideas, and are motivated to be their very best

About My Book

From Westphalia to Riches

This book teaches people who were never taught how to deal with adversity. I was not any different, as I eventually realized that the world can be very different from the picture painted in school. Therefore, I believe that most people only find themselves on the path of resistance after decades of life lessons, mentorship, and coaching. I have discovered over time that failure can be your “best friend” depending on how you view whosoever or whatsoever you are dealing with.
The truth is everyone fails at something at some point. Therefore, this book will teach you how to embrace failure and not be afraid of the unknown.
The difference is that some people see failure as hitting a dead wall, while others view fear as the bridge connecting them to wherever they want to go…their goals, their dreams, their future.
When you were born you had no say in who your family would be nor your geographical location. You had no say in whatever status you would be born into nor your physiological capacity. However, now you have all right to dictate where you want to end up.

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Keynote Speaking

Valbert speaks on relationship and finance, each keynote is tailored to what will inspire every audience to take action.


Valbert shows you what it takes to overcome fear and perform at the highest level


Valbert is the author of the book “From Westphalia to Riches” that teaches people who were never taught how to deal with adversity

My Keynote Speaking

My passion is never more evident than when I’m with people, especially men. I change the lives of men forever by helping them to recognize their superpowers in a worls like this. Wherever I go, greatness follows. I believe that every man has the promise of greatness within them—every single one—but only if they can enhance their creativity, reduce fear and apprehension, create a new outlook on things, and try to meet other people in the same boat as you. Every man can succeed! They just need the right tools to make that happen. I firmly believe if you don’t know you can win, you’ll always think you can’t


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